Technology and its Impact on the World


Our ‘technology natives’ they have been called. Indeed, but the scary side to this is that many of the current generation of Christian youth can’t imagine life without car, televisions, computers and cell phones. Or perhaps more to the point, they can’t imagine being happy if all these things were taken away. How can Christian children immersed in this culture understand the danger of loving the things of this world? And how many parents are modelling something noticeably different? To many of this generation heaven sounds very dull without all the toys.

Television & entertainment

Television is be best viewed only by those with significant Christian maturity, and even they are corrupted by it.

When we lack divine joy we often resort to a worldly activity or entertainment to fill the empty space. The problem is that while distracting us on the surface of our minds it enlarges the emptiness of the soul. If we then, sensing even greater emptiness, respond in the same manner we quickly find ourselves in a downward spiral.

Techno love

There is no doubt that technology can be an enabler of the gospel. E.g. The printing press (lit. made to print the bible, transport, low cost filming, etc). However we are in danger of our focus being subtly shifted to the technology itself. I’ve noticed that most Christians seem to love technology, perhaps because it is an area of fleshly life that is seldom named as sin.

Origin of technologies

I remember early in my Christian life walking through a busy section of the inner city and thinking ‘what about all this, is this of God?’ I was genuinely perplexed, the roaring of machinery, acres of concrete, fumes and rushing seemed so at odds with the nature of God and yet surely all this knowledge came from him. Or could Satan supply the knowledge or spur men on to attain it? It seems that the result of technology is to increase the power of man. If the heart of man is desperately wicked as the bible records then to increase the power of man is to increase the power of the evil that works through man. Which isn’t to deny that at an individual level people can chose to use technology for good or evil. A plane can be used to drop bombs or food parcels.


By Bob Jones

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