God Intended us to have enough Vitamin C

Our lifestyles now and the food we eat all contribute to a lack of Vitamin C in our bodies. This leads to a lack of energy and illness and disease.

Dr Suzanne Humphries has done years of research on Vitamin C and gives seminars on this around the world to and Medical professional that is interested. She was a highly paid nephrologist and decided to leave all behind because she wanted to help her patients get well and not add to their problems by given them more pharmaceutical drugs.

Vitamin C is one of the safest medical wonders on the planet. Cumulative vitamin C information has been published in medical literature since the 1940’s. Despite the evidence of the molecule as life-promoting, therapeutic, and very safe even in high doses, vitamin C as therapy in high doses has been admonished by many medical entities. The dogma that only 75-90 mg of ascorbate per day is required by any human, is totally incorrect.

HERE is an important link to historical studies on vitamin C.

Conventional medical doctors are not taught about the mechanisms of action and benefits of vitamin C in medical school. If they knew about it, then not only would a raft of other drugs become unnecessary, but there would not be much serious whooping cough for example.

Vitamins A and C would render measles much easier to treat. If doctors used ascorbate regularly, meningococcal complications would plummet, and the coagulopathy issues would be rare.   Then, the ACIP  wouldn’t be able to use meningococcal complications and deaths to get people to vaccinate, because the general public wouldn’t be so terrified of those infections causing morbidity and mortality.

Are you concerned about vitamin C toxicity?  People without G6pd deficiency shouldn’t be concerned. History and science has already shown ascorbate to be one of the safest interventions. Read about the mythology of vitamin C toxicity, including kidney stones here.

Today, more and more publications in peer-reviewed literature are are available.  They show the necessity and benefit of ascorbate to the immune cells called macrophages and neutrophils.  Without vitamin C, the immune system is paralyzed and unable to regenerate the ability to dissolve disease-causing elements in the body.  Vitamin C is also paramount in combating toxin-mediated diseases such as whooping cough and tetanus.  HERE is an article I wrote on the science and necessity of vitamin C in whooping cough.

HERE is an important article from 2014 showing the benefits of vitamin C on morbidity and mortality in the sickest types of hospital patients, even with kidney and liver failure. And HERE is the follow up article by some of the same researchers for vitamin C.

In 2017 Marik et.al published an article on the severe sepsis and vitamin C. See the abstract HERE.

Dr Suzanne Humphries

Dr Humphries is a conventionally educated medical doctor who was a participant in conventional hospital systems from 1989 until 2011 as an internist and nephrologist.  She left her conventional hospital position in good standing, of her own volition in 2011. Since then, she’s been furthering her research into the medical literature on vaccines, immunity, history, and functional medicine.

Read more background as written in her first book Dissolving Illusions HERE.

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