Lesson 2 – Revelation 1: 1-3 Jesus Christ Revealed as the Messenger of YHVH

I. Revelation 1:1-3
A. The “Revelation” is both ABOUT and FROM Jesus Christ.

  1. God delivered the contents of Revelation to His Son, seated at the Father’s side (Ps. 110:1)
  2. God provided the contents to Jesus Christ to deliver personally to John.
  3. God sent it by “His Messenger” to John.
    a. “Angelos” (usually translated angel) is the common word for “messenger” in Greek.
    b. Jesus is called the “Messenger” of God in this passage
    c. The “Messenger of God” appeared in the OT many times
  4. He confirmed the Abrahamic Covenant to Abraham (Genesis 22:11-12,15-18)
  5. He appointing Moses to deliver Israel (Exodus 3:2-6)
  6. He delivered the Mosaic Covenant to Israel through Moses at Sinai (Acts 7:30-39).
  7. He spoke in YHVH’s name, as His authorized agent, and He brought Israel out of Egypt, through the wilderness, into the promised Land (Ex. 23:20-23 LXX)
  8. He is the child born, the Son given (Isaiah 9:6-7 LXX)
  9. He is “The Messenger of the Covenant” for whom John the Baptist prepared the way, and who suddenly came to HIS Temple (Mal. 3:1).
  10. “My Messenger” in vs. 1 must be Jesus because:
    a. God sent Him TO John, and John saw and heard Jesus (vs. 12,17)
    b. John calls this the “testimony of Jesus Christ.”
  11. The message was unfiltered by John “John, who reported … as much as he perceived.” This implies that John reported everything as he saw and heard, whether or not he understood it at the time.

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