Lesson 40 Revelation 17-18 Introduction to Mystery Babylon Part 2

Review: Critically Important to understanding Prophecy & its symbolism

  • TWO JUDGMENTS upon Israel:
  • TWO destructions of Jerusalem & Temple, followed by TWO exiles from the Land, followed by TWO restorations to the Land.
    • Jerusalem destroyed by Babylon, followed by Judah taken captive to Babylon for 70 years, followed by overthrow of Babylon by God’s “anointed,” Cyrus & the restoration of Israel to the Land.
    • 2nd destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, followed by Israel’s 2nd exile for 1960 years, followed by overthrow of Rome (Mystery Babylon), followed by restoration of remnant of Israel to the Land PERMANENTLY.

2. TWO TESTINGS of Israel: defilements of Temple:

  • Antiochus Epiphanies – “abomination of desolation” for 3 years 
  • Antichrist – “abomination of desolation” for 3.5 years in Revelation

God judges Jerusalem harshly, but later judges the city He used against them:

  • Jer. 11:16-17 God uses Babylon to punish Jerusalem (cf. Rom. 11:16-32)
  • Jer. 12:1-3 (Jer. 50-51)

God’s total Judgment upon the “Battle Axe” He used against Jerusalem (Jer. 51:20)

Jeremiah 50 – 51 – Ancient Babylon parallel to Mystery Babylon (Rome)

  • Jer. 50:1-2; 51:24,34 – Ancient Babylon defeated by Cyrus (Medes & Persians)
  • Jer. 50:13,39-40; 51:37 – Ancient Babylon not inhabited, wholly desolate, will not arise again found in Rev. 18:2,21-23; Rev. 19:3
  • Jer. 51:6,45 – Flee from her to escape her judgment found in Rev. 18:4
  • Jer. 51:7 the “golden cup” made all nations drunk (idolatry) found in Rev. 17:4
  • Jer. 51:8 “Babylon is fallen” found in Rev. 14:8; Rev. 16:19; Rev. 17:16; Rev. 18:2,10,21
  • Jer. 51:13 “many waters” found in  Rev. 17:15

Rome was the “Battle Axe” God used to destroy Jerusalem & Temple again, beginning the SECOND Exile for 1960 years.

Dan. 9:26-27; Luke 21:20-24 (Isa. 28:1-18; Isa. 29:1-15; Isa. 50:1-11; Isa. 51:13-23; Hosea 2:2-12) C. “Prostitution” statements usually refer to idolatry of God’s covenant people.

  1. Jerusalem’s idolatry in the OT (ex. Hosea)
  2. Christians acceptance of the “world” (James 4:4) & compromise with Greek Philosophy (2 Cor. 11:1-4).

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