The Global Predators


By I. de Melo-Martín and K. Intemann
Division of Medical Ethics
Department of Public Health
Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, USA

If Catherine Austin Fitts is right, and I believe she is, then we know the banking system gave up on the USA in the 1990s when they couldn’t pass a balanced budget as required by Congress and voted in FASB-56— the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 56 – Paper. ‘They’ meaning the central bankers. FASB-56 allows the gatekeepers to maintain a completely separate set of government accounting books that are private. No one can see them, something you or I would go to jail for.

Assuming she’s correct and they then stole over 20 trillion dollars of taxpayers finances and assets and moved it out of the country and can’t pay Social Security or Medicare after 2027 then there are only two solutions. Lower life expectancy and mass murder a portion of the population, preferably the elderly, and low income African Americans and Hispanics. Examining who died during the last two years means they achieved both goals. Life expectancy has been dropping for 3 years and we just murdered over 900,000 Americans, most on a government dole of one kind or another.

Based on the testimony, documents and published peer reviewed reports produced by Pfizer, Moderna, VAERS, the CDC, the FDA, the WHO, researchers and investigators, CMS whistle blowers, the International Criminal Court lawsuit filed by Reiner Fuellmich, et al., ICU nurses and doctors numbering in the 10s of 1000s from pathologists to cardiologists and from microbiologists to vaccinologists and from immunologists to neurologists, the outlook is the same (17,000 licensed nurses and physicians). Many if not all of the vaccinated have severely damaged immune systems and toxic spike proteins floating around in their bodies, in all organs, and they are therefore far more susceptible to a lack of immunity or severely reduced immunity to 100s of cancers, 100s of autoimmune disorders, 100s of neurological disorders and 100s of viral, bacterial and fungal infections. This disaster isn’t stopping here in the USA while at the same time one state and dozens of foreign countries have allowed Ivermectin to be prescribed and numerous countries are lifting all bans.

The latest data shows it’s the vaccinated by far, over 80%, who are entering the hospitals and the unvaccinated, 96.5%, who are not getting sick at all (3.5% of hospitalizations are in the unvaccinated, over 84% in the double and triple vaccinated).
Corporations are dropping vaccine mandates here and there, nurses and doctors are being hired back unvaccinated here and there, but the full force of the US government is still behind vaccinating everyone, especially our children. It’s the single most alarming and profound event to occur in my lifetime and it’s difficult to believe and disconcerting to experience living through this multifaceted phenomenon variously called CoV-2, COVID-19, the Great Reset and Build Back Better. No mention of Agenda 21 or the WHO, the WEF, the Club of Rome, the globalists, the central bankers, the Tech Giants, Black Rock, Vanguard, State Street, the Bilderbergers and the Davos Crowd actually have in mind.
Like Pinky and The Brain have always stated, “We’re taking over the world of course!” Fortunately the group making this valiant attempt has the IQ and the real world understanding of Pinkie, and the Brain. Which is to say they’re making things up as they go with no “written in stone” plan. Meaning we’re in for a rough ride since they can haul out more deadly biological attacks, nuclear war, food shortages, cyber attacks, and almost anything you or I can think of and things we’ve never thought of at all. My European nuclear physicist friend is fun to engage with.

He mentioned this—nukes and bio-attacks—but he added aliens because really, they could do that very easily and I’ve been asked how? No aliens needed of course. Just nuke Chicago and blame it on aliens. No one ever has to actually see aliens or their unconventional space ships, we just have to believe they’re out there, that they present an imminent danger and only the government can save us. And actually, we just did that. We’re still doing it. CoV-2 was, in addition to some sinister reason for getting an injection in every arm on the planet, the first great test of the Emergency Propaganda System (EPS). And it worked charmingly well. Aliens would have had the same result.

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