FEAR about your Child’s Illness

In my opinion, the biggest barrier to intelligent management of childhood illnesses is fear which comes in many forms: Fear of trusting our own judgement and intuition because we have been lead to believe that only the 'professionals' are qualified to make decisions about our children, Fear  that diseases that were once regarded as part … Continue reading FEAR about your Child’s Illness

Should Women Be Able to Control Their Bodies?

By Brian Clowes, PhD|May 27th, 2018 The battle over “my body, my choice” is not new; it has been raging over a century. A cartoon in the May 1919 issue of Margaret Sanger’s Birth Control Review shows a woman being crushed by a giant roll of paper labeled “Laws Controlling Women’s Bodies.” Another offensive but equally common slogans … Continue reading Should Women Be Able to Control Their Bodies?