2 thoughts on “Victims of Johnsons Sozo Ministry Speak Out

  1. Thank you for the work you have put in exposing pseudo-memory prone therapies, especially those masquerading as ministry.

    My name is Patrick Rhodes, and my life has been near devastated stemming from false memories. Currently, I am in the initial stages of producing a documentary exposing the deliverance ministries that promote memory therapy. These include Theophostic, Restoring The Foundations (RTF), Sozo, Mercy Ministries, etc.

    I am seeking individuals and families willing to take part by telling their story. This is a formidable task. Obviously, anyone accused of abuse stemming from false memories is in no hurry to publicize these and, depending on their circumstances, many should not. Recanters realize they have made horrible mistakes and feel ashamed. However, many can and want to help expose these programs publicly.

    Each false recovered memory of abuse creates, at a minimum, two victims. The person who experiences these memories is the first victim. The second are those accused. These are life altering and seldom is there complete healing of the devastation that follows.

    Anyone interested in learning more can contact me at patrick.rhodes@maundymedia.com. Anonymity will be respected for those individuals wishing to participate with a cloak of protection.

    We can do something about this. I am committed to doing what I can to prevent the manufacturing of new victims.

    Many victims may feel uncomfortable taking part directly, even anonymously. I understand. My appeal is that you would please consider contacting me. You may possess insights and information valuable to the documentary. Your story is important.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Patrick,

      This really needs to be done. There is little actual personal testimony to try and show people that SOZO for example is wrong. I created this post as a number of my friends and others were looking favourably on this worldly technique. So I just did some home homework and spoke to someone who had gone through two years of the SOZO process. Initially the person was trying to say that it really helped and that I was being to judgemental. However after I shared the biblical principles like there are no such thing as generational curses and showed him from bible and exposed some of the other problems. The Holy Spirit showed him it was wrong. There are still some people I know that think SOZO is still a useful tool. This scares me as they are bible based born again spirit filled Christians.

      I had to leave a church when the Pastor said I had to agree with SOZO or leave. So my wife and I left.

      I will spread the word Patrick.

      Grace and Peace be multiplied

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