About Raymond

Raymonds smilely face June 2020_edited

When I was about 22 years old I had a good career in IT as a COBOL Lead Programmer in South Africa, but I was lonely and empty!

I thought, was this all that life was about? Working, eating, playing mainly squash and sleeping. I did not know at the time that God was working in my life. So I started to search for something more. I must state at this time I had never been to church in any form as my parents were not religious at all. I knew nothing about Christianity. I read furiously about the history of the world and what other people believed.

I came across a couple of old Christian books. One being The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay. I started to read the bible. Initially I could not really understand what it was saying, but I knew in my heart that there was truth there. A well known Teacher and Evangelist came to Johannesburg in August 1984. They held the tent meeting at the Johannesburg show grounds at night.

So one night I went by myself in the rain. I sat at the back of the meeting and listened to the message. I don’t remember what he preached on but I felt something touch me deep inside. So when at the end of the service they asked who wanted to accept Jesus as their Lord. I put up my hand and walked up to the front of the meeting with lots of people watching. He prayed a simple prayer and then they led us off to a side tent where we were individually spoken to explaining what had just happened. I now know that this is not the proper way of getting someone born again. There needs to be proper repentance towards God.

I felt a peace, love and a joy which could not be explained. I felt clean and that I had come home. I no longer felt insignificant, but loved and I had a meaning for my life.

Being a Christian is challenging, but exciting to see how people change when they come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

I have a great wife Sarah who has made such an impact on my life. We met via an internet dating site so technology works. Sarah had prayed for a tall South African over 6′ 4″ who was kind and I had prayed for a woman who had children and would accept me as I am and was outgoing.

Sarah creates post for the women’s section of this blog on all sorts of subjects related to women and living out their godly lives.

I have managed large teams of people as an IT Manger at major international organisations /companies and have learnt some very hard lessons. I have worked in the Middle East, Australia, UK, Canada, Egypt and South Africa.

I have carried out water baptisms, prayed for people to receive the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Sarah and I have prayed for people in the street for healing and carried out deliverance as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28 and Mark 16.

It has all been such a blessing to see what a difference Jesus makes it each persons life!!

I was a Trinitarian by default as many Christians are. I did not know that there were other ways to view the Godhead. I am now a Biblical Unitarian after looking at the scriptures as they were written and not through the Trinity lens. I love Jesus more now as He lived completely as a man and still did not sin. He is my King and Lord.

I pray you learn something  that is useful and applicable in your life.

Raymond The Brave