Origins of the Heavenly Destiny – Not The Bible

Copyright © Tim Warner Where did the idea of an eternity in heaven come from? Certainly not from Judaism, from which Christianity sprang! There is no such concept in the Old Testament. As we saw in the article, (The Kingdom in the Gospels), it definitely did not come from Jesus' teaching, and therefore could … Continue reading Origins of the Heavenly Destiny – Not The Bible

Christianity’s Platonic Heaven

Overview The early Christian church was heavily influenced by Plato, and the effects of Plato’s teaching can still be seen within Christianity today. This is particularly true when it comes to the topic of heaven. Many Christians today would be surprised to learn that they hold a Platonic view of heaven which is not Biblical. … Continue reading Christianity’s Platonic Heaven

Is Our Destination Heaven?

In the below teaching by Tim Warner, covers the question of what about the righteous saved going to heaven and why it is not taught in the bible contrary to what we have all heard positively taught in western churches. The only Hope in the Old Testament for the Just/Righteous is the resurrection to an … Continue reading Is Our Destination Heaven?

The Pagan Hope of Heaven Infects the Churches

In the article, “Early Christians Had a Great Hope” we provided many quotes from the earliest Christian apologists - martyrs describing the Christian hope handed down to the early Christians by the Apostles. It was not an eternal destiny in heaven, but the resurrection of the physical body and an eternal inheritance in the Land … Continue reading The Pagan Hope of Heaven Infects the Churches