Is Our Destination Heaven?

In the below teaching by Tim Warner covers the question of what about the righteous saved going to heaven and why it is not taught in the bible contrary to what we have all heard positively taught in western churches. The only Hope in the Old Testament for the Just/Righteous is the resurrection to an … Continue reading Is Our Destination Heaven?

Revelation Lesson 1 – Introduction

This blog has decided to make a post for each teaching lesson of Tim Warner’s Revelation study containing his supplied notes for each session which can be found on his Website 4WindsFellowship. This blog has viewed/read many bible teachers on what the book Revelation means for Israel, eschatology and the worldwide church. These teachers include … Continue reading Revelation Lesson 1 – Introduction


By Tim Warner, Copyright © Purpose This entirely new English translation of the New Testament from the Greek is being produced specifically for the last generation of Christians who will live to see the return of Jesus Christ to earth and face the end-time trial of faith. It is a very accurate representation of … Continue reading LAST GENERATION VERSION of the New Testament