Jesus is Not Yet Seated on David’s Throne

Copyright © Tim Warner Some progressive dispensationalists believe the Davidic Covenant is partially fulfilled by Christ's being seated in heaven at the right hand of the Father. Other progressives hold that Christ's being seated on David's throne is exclusively reserved for the Millennium, (as do traditional dispensationalists). The purpose of this article is to show … Continue reading Jesus is Not Yet Seated on David’s Throne

The Abrahamic Covenant In the Both Testaments

Copyright © Tim Warner After the flood, when mankind once again turned away from God to worship idols, God chose one man through which He would bring about His entire plan or redemption and restoration. That man was Abraham. God spoke to Abraham several times. The first was a promise to inherit a "promised land" … Continue reading The Abrahamic Covenant In the Both Testaments

Israel’s Role In God’s Redemptive Plan

Copyright © Tim Warner The strength and primary feature of Progressive Dispensationalism is its ability to explain the overall purpose of God for mankind in a single unified plan. God's plan to redeem mankind flows through a series of progressive dispensations. The nation of Israel was chosen by God as a conduit to reveal … Continue reading Israel’s Role In God’s Redemptive Plan

Progressive Dispensationalism 102 An Overview

Copyright © Tim Warner The Old Covenant In the following diagrams, above the center line represents Israel, and below the line represents the Gentiles. Notice, in figure 1, Israel under the Old Covenant is divided into believers (light green) and unbelievers (tan). While the Scriptures still recognize all of the physical descendants of Jacob as … Continue reading Progressive Dispensationalism 102 An Overview

Progressive Dispensationalism 101 The Basics

Copyright © Tim Warner METHOD OF BIBLICAL INTERPRETATIONProgressive Dispensationalism maintains the literal (normal) method of biblical interpretation as the default hermeneutic. Progressive Dispensationalists also rely heavily on the New Testament writers' interpretations and applications of Old Testament prophecy. This is more than simply applying a 'model' of interpretation based on a 'style' established by the … Continue reading Progressive Dispensationalism 101 The Basics

Progressive Dispensationalism Introduction

­Copyright © Tim Warner The Problem Even the casual student of Scripture is aware that the Old Testament and the New Testament present different approaches to how God deals with man. The Bible itself recognizes this. In John's prologue to his Gospel, he drew this distinction by saying, "the law was given by Moses, but grace … Continue reading Progressive Dispensationalism Introduction