The Origin of the Pretribulation Rapture with Evidence

I have tried to be fair in this short article, attempting to avoid over-reaching the facts or drawing unwarranted conclusions. Yet, the evidence points to an inescapable conclusion. The pretribulation rapture view did not grow out of a diligent study of the Scriptures, or revival of early Christian doctrines. Rather, it was birthed from the womb of charismatic excesses, and developed by a preacher known for his heretical views of the person of Christ. Interestingly, Irving’s heresy was precisely the same heresy as many modern self-appointed prophets – that Jesus was a proto-type “Christian,” possessing a fallen sinful nature, and able to live godly only by the power of the indwelling Spirit. While Irving himself was already developing dispensationalist ideas in 1825, his pretribulationism was not the direct outgrowth of the implications of his dispensational leanings. Rather, the secret rapture of the wise virgins first appeared in the visions of Margaret MacDonald, followed by the prophecies among Irving’s congregation.

Progressive Dispensationalism Introduction

­Copyright © Tim Warner The Problem Even the casual student of Scripture is aware that the Old Testament and the New Testament present different approaches to how God deals with man. The Bible itself recognizes this. In John's prologue to his Gospel, he drew this distinction by saying, "the law was given by Moses, but grace … Continue reading Progressive Dispensationalism Introduction

What is Dispensationalism?

NB. This blog does not subscribe to standard dispensationalism. This post is made so that it can be understood and be helpful to viewers and will be used for other posts in a link. In the study of a compilation of 66 books written by 40 different authors over the course of 1500 years, it … Continue reading What is Dispensationalism?

The meaning of “Heavenly” in Ephesians and Hebrews

Satan has been busy inserting “a little leaven” into the translations of Scripture by altering the definitions of biblical terms. This has been done by the editors of lexicons coloring the definitions of terms by their own incorrect theological bias.

How to Reconcile Old and New Testaments For End Times

Christianity must reconcile both Testaments in order to embrace the whole Bible as the Word of God. This affects how Eschatology is understood in the scriptures and is something spiritual only or physical as well. All the post in this blog are under girded by the conclusion of this teaching. Introduction The Problem:  Even the … Continue reading How to Reconcile Old and New Testaments For End Times