Ten Toes Rising Now Revelation 17:12-14

March 3, 2022 by Tim Warner 4windsfellowships.net Many so-called prophecy experts have predicted that Russia will invade Israel just prior to the last seven-year time of tribulation. Some of them are now sounding the alarm, most notably Pat Robertson, given Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. They interpret the “God-Magog” war of Ezekiel 38-39 as occurring prior … Continue reading Ten Toes Rising Now Revelation 17:12-14

Blow the Shofar Says The Lord

Date 17th May 2020 I am only posting this now as it seems like the right time in my spirit. The below long prophetic word was sent to my wife and I and thousands of others around the world. It is from a Messianic Jew Kathleen Mitchell. We read it separately during our prayer times, … Continue reading Blow the Shofar Says The Lord

Positive Reasons to Study Eschatology

Reason One Eschatology and hellfire preaching saved me. The first Christian book I ever read was by John Walvoord, a prominent end-times teacher. I can’t remember exactly what motivated me to buy the book. For whatever reason many people who are not Christians are fascinated by eschatology, and I was one of them. When I … Continue reading Positive Reasons to Study Eschatology

How to Reconcile Old and New Testaments For End Times

Christianity must reconcile both Testaments in order to embrace the whole Bible as the Word of God. This affects how Eschatology is understood in the scriptures and is something spiritual only or physical as well. All the post in this blog are under girded by the conclusion of this teaching. Introduction The Problem:  Even the … Continue reading How to Reconcile Old and New Testaments For End Times