Progressive Dispensationalism Introduction

­Copyright © Tim Warner The Problem Even the casual student of Scripture is aware that the Old Testament and the New Testament present different approaches to how God deals with man. The Bible itself recognizes this. In John's prologue to his Gospel, he drew this distinction by saying, "the law was given by Moses, but grace … Continue reading Progressive Dispensationalism Introduction

Christianity’s Platonic Heaven

Overview The early Christian church was heavily influenced by Plato, and the effects of Plato’s teaching can still be seen within Christianity today. This is particularly true when it comes to the topic of heaven. Many Christians today would be surprised to learn that they hold a Platonic view of heaven which is not Biblical. … Continue reading Christianity’s Platonic Heaven

How to Reconcile Old and New Testaments For End Times

Christianity must reconcile both Testaments in order to embrace the whole Bible as the Word of God. This affects how Eschatology is understood in the scriptures and is something spiritual only or physical as well. All the post in this blog are under girded by the conclusion of this teaching. Introduction The Problem:  Even the … Continue reading How to Reconcile Old and New Testaments For End Times

History of the Pre and Post-Tribulation Theology

No Pre-Tribulation Teaching Before the Last Century It has long been pointed out that the pre-tribulation teaching is a relatively new doctrine. With one possible exception, there is no record of it being taught before the past century. Now this does not in itself mean that it is false, but it should raise some eyebrows. … Continue reading History of the Pre and Post-Tribulation Theology