The Controversy over 1 John 5:7 & 8

1 John 5:7-8 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one (KJV). 1. Many English versions have a … Continue reading The Controversy over 1 John 5:7 & 8

Does worship of Jesus demonstrate he is God?

"Let all the angels of God worship him." Trinitarian Claim A very common claim by Trinitarians is to claim "Jesus is God" because we find both men and angels worshiping Jesus in the Bible. Examination of the Claims Greek word Proskyneo and the English word "Worship." In Greek, there are two words which have been … Continue reading Does worship of Jesus demonstrate he is God?

Principles for Christians Studying the Word Of God

Introduction I have found the below principles and statements to be helpful and needed when studying and testing any old or new doctrines. If we consistently employ the below series of eight principles, we will not fall into error which many have over the years. 8 Principles to Use 1. The original Scriptures are infallible … Continue reading Principles for Christians Studying the Word Of God

Hebrew Thinking Vs.Greek Thinking

THE WAY GOD THINKS In this article, we look at the core differences between Hebraic values, which animate the Scriptures, and a Greek mentality that undergirds much of Western thought. Vacuums & Values Stepping into human history, Jesus fulfilled the first covenant (Matthew 5:17, 18), a covenant that pointed to Him, and in doing so, He … Continue reading Hebrew Thinking Vs.Greek Thinking

Christianity’s Platonic Heaven

Overview The early Christian church was heavily influenced by Plato, and the effects of Plato’s teaching can still be seen within Christianity today. This is particularly true when it comes to the topic of heaven. Many Christians today would be surprised to learn that they hold a Platonic view of heaven which is not Biblical. … Continue reading Christianity’s Platonic Heaven

Greek Christians Did Not Understand the Resurrection – 1 Corinthians 15

The Greek mind had great difficulty accepting the concept of the resurrection of the flesh. They had been steeped in Plato’s “immortality of the soul” doctrine and his claim that the flesh was the “prison of the soul,” and that all physical substance was inherently corrupt. To the Greeks, escaping the body of flesh and ascending into the “celestial spheres” as pure “spirit” was the goal. Consequently, the idea of the resurrection of the flesh meant permanent imprisonment in inherently corrupt matter, and permanent confinement to this material creation.

Sickness versus Disease in the Bible

In the bible the words sickness and disease are sometimes translated either one or the other based upon context. However, in the English translation they could have used either and in some cases in one translation it is sickness and the other disease. Ultimately sickness or disease is not good and God does not want … Continue reading Sickness versus Disease in the Bible

The Term Man in the NT

I was studying my bible this morning and looked up what man meant in the Vines because of Son of Man description of Jesus. As you can see below in Greek the term man is generally used to denote a human being either male or female. I know a number of women feel left out … Continue reading The Term Man in the NT

Hebrew and Greek Worldview Compared

We live in a Greek-based society under a Greek-structured government and taught according to the Greek-model of education. It’s no wonder that we view the world from the Greek paradigm. These effects every facet of our lives, and directly influences our interpretation of scripture. But did you know there’s a Hebrew world view? There’s a mindset … Continue reading Hebrew and Greek Worldview Compared

Key Greek Words and Terms for Eschatology

In translating from Greek into English we do not get the full meaning or we read into it our own understanding. This post will detail what the Greek was trying to convey so we can better understand the scriptures that use these words. Especially when applied the the End Times or End of Days scriptures. … Continue reading Key Greek Words and Terms for Eschatology