Hebrew Names of God in The Bible

By Jeff A. Benner In our modern culture a title defines the position, or character, of an individual while a name is nothing but an identifier with no meaning. In Hebrew all names are words with meaning and represent the character of the individual. Using English as an example my name, from an Hebraic perspective, … Continue reading Hebrew Names of God in The Bible

Principles for Christians Studying the Word Of God

Introduction I have found the below principles and statements to be helpful and needed when studying and testing any old or new doctrines. If we consistently employ the below series of eight principles, we will not fall into error which many have over the years. 8 Principles to Use 1. The original Scriptures are infallible … Continue reading Principles for Christians Studying the Word Of God

Hebrew Thinking Vs.Greek Thinking

THE WAY GOD THINKS In this article, we look at the core differences between Hebraic values, which animate the Scriptures, and a Greek mentality that undergirds much of Western thought. Vacuums & Values Stepping into human history, Jesus fulfilled the first covenant (Matthew 5:17, 18), a covenant that pointed to Him, and in doing so, He … Continue reading Hebrew Thinking Vs.Greek Thinking

Ancient Hebrew Thought

By Jeff A. Benner In the world, past and present, there are two major types of cultures; Eastern (such as "Hebrew") culture and Western (such as "Greek") culture. Both of these cultures view their surroundings, lives, and purpose in ways which would seem foreign to the other. With the exception of a few Bedouin nomadic tribes … Continue reading Ancient Hebrew Thought

Hebrew and Greek Worldview Compared

We live in a Greek-based society under a Greek-structured government and taught according to the Greek-model of education. It’s no wonder that we view the world from the Greek paradigm. These effects every facet of our lives, and directly influences our interpretation of scripture. But did you know there’s a Hebrew world view? There’s a mindset … Continue reading Hebrew and Greek Worldview Compared