Hebrew Names of God in The Bible

By Jeff A. Benner

In our modern culture a title defines the position, or character, of an individual while a name is nothing but an identifier with no meaning. In Hebrew all names are words with meaning and represent the character of the individual. Using English as an example my name, from an Hebraic perspective, could be Jeff, father, husband, son or manager. The first column is the name in Hebrew, the second is an English transliteration, the third is its literal translation and the fourth is a Biblical reference with the name.

אלElmighty oneGenesis 14:19
אלוהElo’ahpowerDeuteronomy 32:15
אלהיםElohiympowersGenesis 1:1
יהוהYehuhe existsGenesis 4:1
אהוהEhyehI existExodus 3:14
אדוניAdonailordsGenesis 18:27
אחדEhhadoneZechariah 14:9
מלךMelekhkingPsalm 47:6
אבAvfatherIsaiah 64:8
מושיעMoshi’ahdelivererIsaiah 45:15
רוחRu’ahhwindGenesis 1:2
בוראBoreycreatorIsaiah 40:28
באלBa’almasterIsaiah 54:5
עושהOsehmakerIsaiah 54:5
קנאQanajealousExodus 34:14
אל שדיEl Shaddaimighty breastsGenesis 17:1
אדוני יהוהAdonai YehuAdonai of YehuGenesis 15:2
יהוה אלהיםYehu ElohiymYehu of ElohiymGenesis 2:4
יהוה יראהYehu YirehYehu seesGenesis 22:14
יהוה נסיYehu NisiYehu is my standardExodus 17:15
יהוה שלוםYehu ShalomYehu is completenessJudges 6:24
יהוה צדקנוYehu Tsid’qanuYehu is our righteousnessJeremiah 23:6
יהוה צבאותYehu Tseva’otYehu of the armies1 Samuel 1:3
אלהים צבאותElohiym Tseva’otElohiym of the armiesPsalm 80:7

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