Rules on How Understand the Subject of End-Times

Many Christians believe the subject of the end-times to be an insurmountable mountain far too high and complicated to climb. As a result, many simply entrust their beliefs regarding the end-times to their pastor or various “prophecy experts”. Certainly, the Lord has given some to function as teachers within the Body of Christ to help … Continue reading Rules on How Understand the Subject of End-Times

The Millennial Week & Sabbath Rest Equals Chiliasm

In the following quotation from Irenaeus, the essential elements of Chiliasm can be seen tied together: the future gathering of Jesus’ elect after a brief period of persecution by the Antichrist the future hope of the Abrahamic Land inheritance for Christians the future millennium, “the rest, the hallowed seventh day,” after six millennia of man’s struggle under the curse. This is Chiliasm in a nutshell.

Positive Reasons to Study Eschatology

Reason One Eschatology and hellfire preaching saved me. The first Christian book I ever read was by John Walvoord, a prominent end-times teacher. I can’t remember exactly what motivated me to buy the book. For whatever reason many people who are not Christians are fascinated by eschatology, and I was one of them. When I … Continue reading Positive Reasons to Study Eschatology

Reasons Why People Do Not Study Eschatology

Reason One People who study eschatology are weird. I don’t know about you, but I think one of the reasons that a lot of people do not study eschatology is that many of the people that I know who do study eschatology seem weird. Have you personally ever noticed that? Over the years, I have … Continue reading Reasons Why People Do Not Study Eschatology

The Millennial Week (CHILIASM) In the Early Christian Eschatology

The earliest post-Apostolic Christian writers, whose eschatology can be determined with certainty,[1] consistently held to Chiliasm.[2] These men lived contiguous with the age of the Apostles. Some of them were personally instructed by the Apostles and others who had seen the Lord. They were the early apologists for the Christian Faith, fiercely attacking and overthrowing … Continue reading The Millennial Week (CHILIASM) In the Early Christian Eschatology