No One will Know When Jesus will Return?

According to Peter, all of the prophets sought to understand the TIME of both Christ's first and second coming (1 Pet. 1:10-11). Seeking to discover the time is simply obeying Jesus' command in Matthew 24:44 to "become ready" so that you can "watch" appropriately, unlike the man in Jesus' parable who did not know, thus did not watch, and consequently bad things happened to him.

Jesus Returns October 1, 2036?

Date setting for Jesus return can be accurate only if the secular date for the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70 and therefore Jesus crucifixion in AD 30 is accurate. God has provided all the rest of the required information. Most Christians probably agree that Jesus will return “soon”. This becomes obvious if we examine the … Continue reading Jesus Returns October 1, 2036?

Feast Of Tabernacles Jesus Returns?

We may not know what year Jesus the Messiah will be coming back but we do know what time of year it will be based upon the feasts that lord Himself instituted! God wrote into Jewish ritual fore shadowing of his later redemptive work through Christ Jesus, especially into the annual calendar of feasts. Dates … Continue reading Feast Of Tabernacles Jesus Returns?

Reasons Why People Do Not Study Eschatology

Reason One People who study eschatology are weird. I don’t know about you, but I think one of the reasons that a lot of people do not study eschatology is that many of the people that I know who do study eschatology seem weird. Have you personally ever noticed that? Over the years, I have … Continue reading Reasons Why People Do Not Study Eschatology

Peter’s Second Sermon – Acts 3:19-21

With Peter's second sermon, we have an even clearer indication of his thinking on the timing of Christ's coming for Christians. The healing of the lame man at the Temple gate caused a stir among the crowd assembled to worship. Peter seized the opportunity to preach the gospel right on the Temple mount. In his … Continue reading Peter’s Second Sermon – Acts 3:19-21

Why do we Have Two Teachings on The Rapture?

Some people will ask why is it so important to decide one way or the other or even study this part of the bible concerning the End of Days ("End Times" is not a biblical term but has become widely used). The answer is that Christians will need to be prepared to go through a … Continue reading Why do we Have Two Teachings on The Rapture?