What is Historic Premillennialism?

Historic premillennialism and dispensational premillennialism are two different systems of eschatology. Here are a few examples of the differences between the two:• Historic premillennialism teaches that the church was in the fore-vision of Old Testament prophecy, while dispensationalism teaches that the church is hardly, if at all, mentioned by the Old Testament prophets.• Historic premillennialism … Continue reading What is Historic Premillennialism?

The Wheat and Tares Parable Speaks of 1 Rapture

Jesus used parables during His ministry to cover important truths. One of those truths was about the Kingdom of God that He would lead. The Wheat and Tares parable is the one of the Kingdom parables and has the most details and covers Jesus second coming. THE WHEAT AND TARES Matthew 13:24-3024 Another parable He … Continue reading The Wheat and Tares Parable Speaks of 1 Rapture

The Last Trumpet 1 Corinthians 15

By Tim Warner © http://www.4windsfellowships.net Most pretribulationists believe the pretribulation rapture was not taught by Jesus, but was given to Paul as a special revelation. Therefore, it is important for us to see if what Paul taught about the rapture is different from Jesus' teaching. If there are mutually exclusive differences between what Jesus taught … Continue reading The Last Trumpet 1 Corinthians 15

How Many Second Comings? Part 3

This is a continuation of How Many Second Comings? Part 2 11. He claims His bride vs. He comes with His bride According to Rev. 19:7, the Bride has just "made herself ready" at the very close of the tribulation! That is when the people in heaven announce that the time for the "Marriage of … Continue reading How Many Second Comings? Part 3

How Many Second Comings? Part 2

This the continuation from How Many Second Comings? Part 1. Ice offers 13 examples of differences between the rapture and second coming. We'll take them in the same order. 1. Translation of all believers vs. No translation at all It is already obvious that Ice is relying solely on an argument from silence. He has … Continue reading How Many Second Comings? Part 2

How Many Second Comings? Part 1

By Tim Warner © http://www.4windsfellowships.net Dr. Thomas Ice, of the Pretrib Research Center, argued that differences in terminology in various second coming passages require a separate pretribulation rapture, distinct from the second coming. 1 Ice began with a discussion of what pretribulationists really need to prove. Not surprisingly, he sets the bar for his side … Continue reading How Many Second Comings? Part 1

Jewish Wedding Customs and the Rapture

Christian writers throughout history have recognized an underlying theme in the Scriptures, that Jewish wedding customs form a pattern for the redemption of mankind. This is rather hard to miss, particularly when both Paul and John refer specifically to the “Bride” of Christ. But only recently have the Jewish wedding customs been used within the … Continue reading Jewish Wedding Customs and the Rapture

Can we find the Rapture in Revelation?

One of the glaring weaknesses of the pretribulation rapture view is the complete omission of any mention of a pretribulation rapture in Revelation. The book of Revelation was written to the "seven churches of Asia" to reveal the things that "must shortly come to pass." Its name literally means "the unveiling of Jesus Christ." If … Continue reading Can we find the Rapture in Revelation?

Peter’s Later Thoughts – The Epistles

Peter cannot be charged with changing his mind later after receiving further revelation. His Epistles, written much later, show clear evidence of the same posttribulational thinking as his early sermons. Shortly before his martyrdom, he was still teaching believers to anticipate Christ's posttribulation coming in glory, with no hint of a pretribulation rapture. First Peter … Continue reading Peter’s Later Thoughts – The Epistles

Peter’s First Sermon – Acts 2:15-21

Ten days before Pentecost Jesus ascended to heaven. He had just commanded His Apostles to preach the Gospel to all the nations. Yet, just before ascending, He told them to delay their mission until they received the Spirit's power. "And being assembled together with them, He commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to … Continue reading Peter’s First Sermon – Acts 2:15-21