A Logical look at The Rapture & the Timing

The only way in which the force of the above can be avoided is by saying that none of the descriptions of conflict affect the Church but only Jews who come to faith after the tribulation begins. We could then ask: If Jesus does not mean Christians when he says “you” in Matthew 24, how would we know that anything in the gospels addressed to “you” (disciples) applies to Christians? The theory that Christians are not addressed in Matthew 24:15ff (instructions for going through the great tribulation) sounds very much like an attempt to divorce Christians from what Jesus taught them in the gospels — indeed some ultra-dispensationalists have maintained that none of the material in the Synoptics (Matthew, Mark, Luke) is for Christians! When Jesus tells the twelve to go into the world and preach everywhere we all take this as a command to us. It was given to Jewish Christians but the body of Christ constitutes their descendants. What is said to them applies directly to us. When Jesus addresses believers telling them how to cope during the tribulation, this must mean that they must expect to be on earth during the tribulation.

How does 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 in the Trinity Teaching?

Written by Raymond In the teaching on the Trinity it states that God the Father + Jesus + Holy Spirit equals a monotheistic God of One. But wait, you can count three Gods. This post will hopefully help any Christian wrestling with the concept of the Trinity and why it should be questioned as being … Continue reading How does 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 in the Trinity Teaching?

How Many Second Comings? Part 1

By Tim Warner © http://www.4windsfellowships.net Dr. Thomas Ice, of the Pretrib Research Center, argued that differences in terminology in various second coming passages require a separate pretribulation rapture, distinct from the second coming. 1 Ice began with a discussion of what pretribulationists really need to prove. Not surprisingly, he sets the bar for his side … Continue reading How Many Second Comings? Part 1

10 Questions for Trinitarians

The following questions are designed to challenge some of the axioms held by modern Trinitarians. If you hold that view yet are not able to adequately answer these questions from the Biblical texts, you might consider investigating this subject further. If the “one God” consists of a Trinity of three co-eternal and co-equal Persons: a) … Continue reading 10 Questions for Trinitarians

The Issues with COVID Passports

WHO statement 15 January 2021 - WHO is opposed to the introduction of "vaccine passports" against COVID-19 as a condition for international travel, stating, "There are still too many fundamental unknowns in terms of the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing (virus) transmission and vaccines are still only available in limited quantities"

Questions for Christians who support “Same Sex” marriage

Kevin DeYoung is senior pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan, near Michigan State University. He and his wife Trisha have six young children. You can follow him on Twitter. July 1, 2015 For evangelicals who lament last Friday’s US Supreme Court decision, it’s been a hard few days. We aren’t asking for … Continue reading Questions for Christians who support “Same Sex” marriage