10 Questions for Trinitarians

The following questions are designed to challenge some of the axioms held by modern Trinitarians. If you hold that view yet are not able to adequately answer these questions from the Biblical texts, you might consider investigating this subject further. If the “one God” consists of a Trinity of three co-eternal and co-equal Persons: a) … Continue reading 10 Questions for Trinitarians

The Spirit (Breath) of God

One of the primary ways that the deception of the Roman Catholic “Trinity” has been cloaked in Protestant Bibles is by the use of the English word “Spirit” for the Greek pneuma. The Greek word, like its Hebrew counterpart ruach, literally means “wind” or “breath,” implying an active but unseen force (John 3:8; Acts 17:25). … Continue reading The Spirit (Breath) of God

Who is the “US” in the Creation Account – Addressing the Idea of Trinity

Without exception the earliest Christians believed and taught that the Son of God was the only one present with God in the beginning, through whom God created all things. In making these claims, they distinguished also between the one called “God” and His Son, called “Word” and “Wisdom.” The Son was indeed of the God-kind, begotten by Him, proceeding out of God. But the term “God” was almost always reserved for the Father alone. In no case is the term “God” ever used in Scripture as a reference to a plural Trinity or a plural entity, consisting of Father and Son.