A “Preexistent” Jesus in Philippians 2:2-8?

Philippians 2:5-11 is not Paul’s attempt to explain the “Incarnation” or how a divine being divested himself of his divine prerogatives. It is not an exposition about the preexistence of Christ. Instead Paul uses a real life example from the life of Jesus to illustrate his appeal for humility and mutual submission. To help fill out his illustration Paul brings in language and imagery from the Old Testament accounts of Adam and the “Suffering Servant” of Isaiah. He does this to contrast the way of self-promotion (Adam) with the path of humble obedience and suffering (the “Suffering Servant”).

How Many Second Comings? Part 3

This is a continuation of How Many Second Comings? Part 2 11. He claims His bride vs. He comes with His bride According to Rev. 19:7, the Bride has just "made herself ready" at the very close of the tribulation! That is when the people in heaven announce that the time for the "Marriage of … Continue reading How Many Second Comings? Part 3