Jesus Christ Will Govern from Jerusalem

This post is based on Appendix 3 of the Rev Bible as it summarises the main scriptures and points that support a future physical Kingdom on earth that ruled by Jesus as His Father as given him all power and authority on earth. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus … Continue reading Jesus Christ Will Govern from Jerusalem

What is Historic Premillennialism?

Historic premillennialism and dispensational premillennialism are two different systems of eschatology. Here are a few examples of the differences between the two:• Historic premillennialism teaches that the church was in the fore-vision of Old Testament prophecy, while dispensationalism teaches that the church is hardly, if at all, mentioned by the Old Testament prophets.• Historic premillennialism … Continue reading What is Historic Premillennialism?

Jesus is Not Yet Seated on David’s Throne

Copyright © Tim Warner Some progressive dispensationalists believe the Davidic Covenant is partially fulfilled by Christ's being seated in heaven at the right hand of the Father. Other progressives hold that Christ's being seated on David's throne is exclusively reserved for the Millennium, (as do traditional dispensationalists). The purpose of this article is to show … Continue reading Jesus is Not Yet Seated on David’s Throne

Progressive Dispensationalism 102 An Overview

Copyright © Tim Warner The Old Covenant In the following diagrams, above the center line represents Israel, and below the line represents the Gentiles. Notice, in figure 1, Israel under the Old Covenant is divided into believers (light green) and unbelievers (tan). While the Scriptures still recognize all of the physical descendants of Jacob as … Continue reading Progressive Dispensationalism 102 An Overview

The Millennial Week & Sabbath Rest Equals Chiliasm

In the following quotation from Irenaeus, the essential elements of Chiliasm can be seen tied together: the future gathering of Jesus’ elect after a brief period of persecution by the Antichrist the future hope of the Abrahamic Land inheritance for Christians the future millennium, “the rest, the hallowed seventh day,” after six millennia of man’s struggle under the curse. This is Chiliasm in a nutshell.

The Millennial Week (CHILIASM) In the Early Christian Eschatology

The earliest post-Apostolic Christian writers, whose eschatology can be determined with certainty,[1] consistently held to Chiliasm.[2] These men lived contiguous with the age of the Apostles. Some of them were personally instructed by the Apostles and others who had seen the Lord. They were the early apologists for the Christian Faith, fiercely attacking and overthrowing … Continue reading The Millennial Week (CHILIASM) In the Early Christian Eschatology