Progressive Dispensationalism 102 An Overview

Copyright © Tim Warner The Old Covenant In the following diagrams, above the center line represents Israel, and below the line represents the Gentiles. Notice, in figure 1, Israel under the Old Covenant is divided into believers (light green) and unbelievers (tan). While the Scriptures still recognize all of the physical descendants of Jacob as … Continue reading Progressive Dispensationalism 102 An Overview

Progressive Dispensationalism 101 The Basics

Copyright © Tim Warner METHOD OF BIBLICAL INTERPRETATIONProgressive Dispensationalism maintains the literal (normal) method of biblical interpretation as the default hermeneutic. Progressive Dispensationalists also rely heavily on the New Testament writers' interpretations and applications of Old Testament prophecy. This is more than simply applying a 'model' of interpretation based on a 'style' established by the … Continue reading Progressive Dispensationalism 101 The Basics

What is the Anointing

This teaching is meant address misunderstandings about God’s spirit and His presence and the anointing. One of the many examples given about the Spirit coming and going is that of Samson and the prophets of the Old Testament. The following Old Testament Scriptures state: Judges 13:25And the Spirit of the Lord began to move him … Continue reading What is the Anointing

Why Did the Apostles Keep Jewish Traditions and Laws?

Question:- Why did the Apostles and other Christian Jews keep the Jewish festivals, the Sabbath and other laws related to obligations like eating kosher food.  It seems like a double standard and has caused many problems and that is why for example the Hebraic Roots Movement has been so strong and outspoken around the world. … Continue reading Why Did the Apostles Keep Jewish Traditions and Laws?

The Ten Commandments – Under the New Covenant

The "commandments of God" in Scripture have been a source of much confusion among Christians. Some claim that only Paul's teaching applies to us directly. Some claim that all "New Testament" commandments are for us. Others say some Old Testament commandments apply also. Others say all of the commands in Scripture are to be obeyed. … Continue reading The Ten Commandments – Under the New Covenant