Jewish Wedding Customs and the Rapture

Christian writers throughout history have recognized an underlying theme in the Scriptures, that Jewish wedding customs form a pattern for the redemption of mankind. This is rather hard to miss, particularly when both Paul and John refer specifically to the “Bride” of Christ. But only recently have the Jewish wedding customs been used within the … Continue reading Jewish Wedding Customs and the Rapture

Feast Of Tabernacles Jesus Returns?

We may not know what year Jesus the Messiah will be coming back but we do know what time of year it will be based upon the feasts that lord Himself instituted! God wrote into Jewish ritual fore shadowing of his later redemptive work through Christ Jesus, especially into the annual calendar of feasts. Dates … Continue reading Feast Of Tabernacles Jesus Returns?

Why Did the Apostles Keep Jewish Traditions and Laws?

Question:- Why did the Apostles and other Christian Jews keep the Jewish festivals, the Sabbath and other laws related to obligations like eating kosher food.  It seems like a double standard and has caused many problems and that is why for example the Hebraic Roots Movement has been so strong and outspoken around the world. … Continue reading Why Did the Apostles Keep Jewish Traditions and Laws?