The Millennial Week Calendar -According to Scripture

The pervasiveness of the millennial week chronology among the early Christian writers close to the Apostles cannot be denied. Many writers mentioned it as fact, but none gave a very full explanation of the biblical support for such a calendar. The primary justification offered was the claim that the creation week was both history and … Continue reading The Millennial Week Calendar -According to Scripture

The 120 Jubilee Year Calendar According to Scripture

In Leviticus 25, we learn of God’s Jubilee calendar of 50-year cycles which God commanded Israel to observe. The 50th year is called the “year of release” or “year of liberty” because all land reverted back to its original owner and all debts were cancelled. This Jubilee Year followed every seven Sabbatical cycles (weeks of years), 7x7 years totaling 49 years. The Jubilee was the intercalated 50th year. It did not coincide with the 7th Sabbatical year, but followed it, rounding out the 7 weeks of years to an even 50 years.[

Feast Of Tabernacles Jesus Returns?

We may not know what year Jesus the Messiah will be coming back but we do know what time of year it will be based upon the feasts that lord Himself instituted! God wrote into Jewish ritual fore shadowing of his later redemptive work through Christ Jesus, especially into the annual calendar of feasts. Dates … Continue reading Feast Of Tabernacles Jesus Returns?

History of the Calendar

The purpose of the calendar is to reckon past or future time, to show how many days until a certain event takes place—the harvest or a religious festival—or how long since something important happened. The earliest calendars must have been strongly influenced by the geographical location of the people who made them. In colder countries, … Continue reading History of the Calendar