Preterism & the Date of the Book of Revelation

Copyright © Tim Warner - 10/2003 The date of the writing of Revelation has been hotly disputed by preterists. Until the last century, Christian tradition has placed John's exile to Patmos during the reign of the emperor Domitian (AD 81-96). The dispute over the date of the composition of Revelation is a crucial one. If … Continue reading Preterism & the Date of the Book of Revelation

A Study of The Physical Death of Christ on the Cross

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is found at the climax of each of the gospel narratives.  This lone event in the life of Christ defines all Christianity, and serves as the basis of all that it represents.[i]  The resurrection is so important to the Christian faith that according to the apostle Paul, “… if Christ has not … Continue reading A Study of The Physical Death of Christ on the Cross

Counting with Greek Numbers  

Count with Greek numbers The ancient Greeks originally had a number system like the Romans, but in the 4th century BC, they started using this system. It was a number system closer to Arabic numbers (our own number system). Instead of counting I, II, III like the Egyptians or the Romans, they had different symbols … Continue reading Counting with Greek Numbers  

History of the Calendar

The purpose of the calendar is to reckon past or future time, to show how many days until a certain event takes place—the harvest or a religious festival—or how long since something important happened. The earliest calendars must have been strongly influenced by the geographical location of the people who made them. In colder countries, … Continue reading History of the Calendar