The 120 Jubilee Year Calendar According to Scripture

In Leviticus 25, we learn of God’s Jubilee calendar of 50-year cycles which God commanded Israel to observe. The 50th year is called the “year of release” or “year of liberty” because all land reverted back to its original owner and all debts were cancelled. This Jubilee Year followed every seven Sabbatical cycles (weeks of years), 7x7 years totaling 49 years. The Jubilee was the intercalated 50th year. It did not coincide with the 7th Sabbatical year, but followed it, rounding out the 7 weeks of years to an even 50 years.[

Jesus Returns 2036?

Date setting for Jesus return can be accurate only if the secular date for the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70 and therefore Jesus crucifixion in AD 30 is accurate. God has provided all the rest of the required information. Following is an extract from a book called Bible Chronology for the Last Generation Christians by … Continue reading Jesus Returns 2036?