The Origin of the Pretribulation Rapture with Evidence

I have tried to be fair in this short article, attempting to avoid over-reaching the facts or drawing unwarranted conclusions. Yet, the evidence points to an inescapable conclusion. The pretribulation rapture view did not grow out of a diligent study of the Scriptures, or revival of early Christian doctrines. Rather, it was birthed from the womb of charismatic excesses, and developed by a preacher known for his heretical views of the person of Christ. Interestingly, Irving’s heresy was precisely the same heresy as many modern self-appointed prophets – that Jesus was a proto-type “Christian,” possessing a fallen sinful nature, and able to live godly only by the power of the indwelling Spirit. While Irving himself was already developing dispensationalist ideas in 1825, his pretribulationism was not the direct outgrowth of the implications of his dispensational leanings. Rather, the secret rapture of the wise virgins first appeared in the visions of Margaret MacDonald, followed by the prophecies among Irving’s congregation.

Jewish Wedding Customs and the Rapture

Christian writers throughout history have recognized an underlying theme in the Scriptures, that Jewish wedding customs form a pattern for the redemption of mankind. This is rather hard to miss, particularly when both Paul and John refer specifically to the “Bride” of Christ. But only recently have the Jewish wedding customs been used within the … Continue reading Jewish Wedding Customs and the Rapture

The Background to how the Pretribulation Teaching Started

Updated 28th August 2020 Below is the official and excepted version of how the Pre-Tribulation rapture theory came into being. There were two other men in the past that had proposed something similar teaching but it had not taken hold. These are their views on this subject. I.e. Morgan Edwards and Ephraem The Syrian. Introduction … Continue reading The Background to how the Pretribulation Teaching Started

A Discussion of Pre and Post Tribulation Scripture Support

Introduction In biblical bible study we allow the scriptures to talk for themselves just like the Bereans in Acts and not massage them into what we want them to mean.  Furthermore, looking at the Greek and Hebrew is normally needed for important technical subjects like the Great Tribulation. Firstly the word Rapture does not exist … Continue reading A Discussion of Pre and Post Tribulation Scripture Support

Why do we Have Two Teachings on The Rapture?

Some people will ask why is it so important to decide one way or the other or even study this part of the bible concerning the End of Days ("End Times" is not a biblical term but has become widely used). The answer is that Christians will need to be prepared to go through a … Continue reading Why do we Have Two Teachings on The Rapture?