What Is “Preaching the Gospel”?

Everything Jesus said is really an expansion of this opening statement about how salvation is to be gained: “Repent and believe the Gospel Message about the Kingdom of God” (Mark 1:14-15). This is a summary statement of the Christian faith provided by Mark at the outset of his evangelistic account of Jesus and his career as evangelist and Savior. The Kingdom is the organizing center of all that Jesus taught.

The Wheat and Tares Parable Speaks of 1 Rapture

Jesus used parables during His ministry to cover important truths. One of those truths was about the Kingdom of God that He would lead. The Wheat and Tares parable is the one of the Kingdom parables and has the most details and covers Jesus second coming. THE WHEAT AND TARES Matthew 13:24-3024 Another parable He … Continue reading The Wheat and Tares Parable Speaks of 1 Rapture

The Coming Kingdom in the Gospels

Copyright © Tim Warner The Kingdom in the Birth Narratives The first event featured in the New Testament was the birth of Jesus Christ. Interwoven into the birth narratives, in Matthew and Luke, references to Christ's coming Kingdom abound. There is more emphasis on the fact that Jesus, as the Messiah, would rule as King, … Continue reading The Coming Kingdom in the Gospels

Who will Inherit the Kingdom of God?

January 20, 2022 Tim Warner 4windsfellowships.net The previous post in this series of articles – Deception in the Last Days – dealt with how doctrine affects behavior. Sound doctrine tends to influence Christians towards right behavior, moving us to faith, hope, and love, motivating us that we “may not become lazy, but imitators of those … Continue reading Who will Inherit the Kingdom of God?