The Coming Kingdom in the Gospels

Copyright © Tim Warner The Kingdom in the Birth Narratives The first event featured in the New Testament was the birth of Jesus Christ. Interwoven into the birth narratives, in Matthew and Luke, references to Christ's coming Kingdom abound. There is more emphasis on the fact that Jesus, as the Messiah, would rule as King, … Continue reading The Coming Kingdom in the Gospels

The Millennial Week (CHILIASM) In the Early Christian Eschatology

The earliest post-Apostolic Christian writers, whose eschatology can be determined with certainty,[1] consistently held to Chiliasm.[2] These men lived contiguous with the age of the Apostles. Some of them were personally instructed by the Apostles and others who had seen the Lord. They were the early apologists for the Christian Faith, fiercely attacking and overthrowing … Continue reading The Millennial Week (CHILIASM) In the Early Christian Eschatology

324 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus

Background There are many misunderstandings, errors propagated, misquotes and criticism of the Bible. The below text is to put the context of the Prophecies about Jesus Christ in the Old Testament into perspective so the complexity and monumental task it would have been for Jesus to have fulfilled the Prophecies Himself. He could not control who … Continue reading 324 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus