Yeshua the Son of Man

By Jeff A. Benner The phrase "Son of man" appears multiple times in the Old and New Testaments. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew phrase אדם בן (ben adam) translates as "son of man" and is used for a person, any named or unnamed person. In  the  Greek  New  Testament,  the  phrase  "son  of  man"  … Continue reading Yeshua the Son of Man

Preterism – Secret Second Coming of Jesus

Copyright © Tim Warner - 2003 All orthodox Christians acknowledge the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That Jesus was raised from the dead in the same body that was crucified is quite plain from Scripture. Yet, this simple truth creates serious problems for preterists. Here's why. If Jesus came in AD70 as preterists claim, no one … Continue reading Preterism – Secret Second Coming of Jesus