What is Going on in the World? – Braxton Hicks Contractions!

I dont know if you have noticed but the world is in the greatest upheaval in history. It seems like Braxton Hicks contractions which come about 6 weeks before the real contractions start. I know I am a man but bare with me.

Jesus likened the end times like given birth. In His analogy it is about giving birth to the Kingdom of God on earth with Jesus being in charge from Jerusalem which is fulfilled in His second coming or what the bible calls “The Day of the Lord”.

Satan (the Devil) has always wanted to rule man and the earth and this will be his last attempt. He has all his demons working on controlling as many leaders and people in authority to bring chaos, fear and ultimately death. This has been ongoing throughout history but in my opinion has been taken to a level which we have never seen before.

Satan knows his time is short. Satan will eventually be locked up and then be destroyed. Jesus is coming back to the earth and rule as the King (leader) of all Kings (leaders) and Lord (master) of all Lords (masters). The earth will be like it is now physically but there will be a new government structures hopefully excluding the UN and all other nonsense organisations.

However, before that happens there is going to be a great period of destruction and judgement and what we see now is the prelude to all this. We call this the “The Tribulation” as opposed to just tribulation. The meaning of TRIBULATION is distress or suffering resulting from oppression or persecution; also : a trying experience. The Tribulation is when the real birth pains (contractions) start. It will be 7 years long.

So first if you are not BORN AGAIN with Jesus the Lord of the life then find out how you do. No one will get through the coming times without protection from God the Father and a relationship with Jesus who gives us peace and joy. We need Godly wisdom and other people to fellowship with over the coming few years.

If you think you are a Christian then ask yourself “am I living for myself, with money as my god”?

I am following Jesus example?

You cant have divided loyalties. It does not work.

Are you in fear and putting your head in the sand and hoping it is all going to improve in time or it wont touch me. Many did that leading up until and during WW2 especially in Europe and they lost their lives.

To all Christians reading this:- We have different beliefs about the end times and the issue of date setting. I am not going to get into that discussion now.

I am putting forward my understanding based on study and bible teaching that is there for all to read and to understand. If we allow scripture to speak for itself and not put our own preconceived ideas about how the future will unfold I think it becomes clear. It does however take time and effort and trust in God.

My heart is to help and warn people and to give some hope by showing that the current upheavel is not by accident and God is still in control. If we are prepared then we can go through it with our families with Jesus as our protector and savoir. Psalm 91 comes to mind. Read Psalm 91 thinking as though you are in the Tribulation.

Anyway, biblical prophecy that has stood the test of time and the current timing of all the strange events are not a surprise.

If the 6000 year time line set by God is correct based on Chiliasm which I believe it is, then Jesus will be coming back soon. This means the predicted tribulation of 7 years will be starting even sooner than we think.

The current best prediction is 2036 for Jesus to return in glory and thus the tribulation starts in 2029. This all based on calculations of how many years it is from creation using the life spans, births starting with Adam and length of bible King reigns.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many statistics about years and genealogies? Well one reasons is so we could work out when Jesus is supposed to come back. I know many have tried and failed but they all used at least one date found outside of the bible and it was incorrect.

Hopefully you admit that the current situation in the world is tense and unprecedented. Leaders dont seem to be acting rationally and that includes scientists. Well they are not thinking rationally because:-

This was all predicted by Jesus in Matthew 24 and covered in Daniel and finally in the book of Revelation.


I realise that you might have heard this before and think nothing happened and it will all calm down soon. Maybe, however I think a number of us know that this is not like previous calamitous times in the past and people are struggling to understand.

I hope you found the above helpful and overall understandable.

If you want more information then contact me or someone who you know that you trust.

There has never been a more important time than NOW to get right with the God who created the world and all that is in it and of course He created you.



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