Blow the Shofar Says The Lord

A SHOFAR is normally made of rams horn that is blown like a trumpet. It was used widely in Biblical days in preparation for battle. The shofar can make four sounds tekiah, shevarim, teruah, and tekiah gedolah.

Date 17th May 2020

I am only posting this now as it seems like the right time in my spirit.

The below long prophetic word was sent to my wife and I and thousands of others around the world. It is from a Messianic Jew Kathleen Mitchell. We read it separately during our prayer times, but we did not know that the other had read it. When we had finished our prayer time, I said to wife that I thought this was God talking to the world. That we should blow the SHOFAR at 17:00 on 6 April 2020 which was a Wednesday as requested. It was the beginning of the PASSOVER for the Jewish people and obviously this was not by mistake.

We used our phones and played a glorious shofar video sounds out of our flat windows for 2 minutes. In the UK the people had been clapping for the NHS staff on Thursdays and still are at 20:00. When the SHOFAR blast had ended I gave a shout and praise to God and sang the most powerful song in the Spirit that was at the pitch of the shofar sound. I felt like walls were falling down and that something miraculous had taken place in the spirit realm. I cant describe it. Just like at Jericho.

Since that time much has happened as of 17th May 2020. Focus on vaccines and covid-19, lockdown and masks being used as a way of controlling people against their will.  Threats and divides everywhere. These are all marks of Satan’s work.


Kathleen Mitchell is a SHOFAR Blower and this is Her Prophecy from the LORD which went around the world to thousands of people. Most of them like us are all unknown.

Shalom Beloved!

It is in deep fear of the Lord that I send you this message. Very early this morning the Lord awakened me in my bed, and began to pour His Holy Spirit though me. I became consumed in the language of prayer, but it was not intercession or petition. Decrees of prophetic spiritual warfare poured though me and out of me like a mighty river. I was in a spiritual conversation with the Lord that was so far beyond me, and yet a very real experience that totally consumed my total being in a strength and peace founded upon deep certainty.  I arose from my bed in the midst of the flood, and alone in the house, I began to walk in the midst of a fire, which I can only call the zeal of the Lord. For over an hour and a half, there was a powerful, passionate, and constant flow of my prayer language that originated in the deepest depths of my spirit. Following this time of prophetic exchange, I had a time of worship and adoration and then quiet came. After a while, I was compelled to sit and write what I had been told through the Holy Spirit.  With fear of the Lord, and in a heart of humility, I share it with you know. I don’t want you to think anything of me other than that I am a servant of the Lord. YHVH will speak to whoever is listening. He has found me available and willing. It is now my responsibility to share with you what I was given. As always, test this rhema against the scripture and ask the Lord to confirm it as His voice.  After you read the message, I will share with you the outworking of His requests, which He has provided.

The actual Prophetic Word

“Awaken you sons of Issachar, My righteous remnant! Know the season and arise to its calling. The enemy is not at hand, as if it is still coming to your gates.  The enemy is HERE. How will you respond?  The voice of the enemy has been loud and intimidating. It has mocked your authority in Me and sought to silence you through FEAR from its evil decrees and prognostications. It has legislated evil and punished those, who would not comply. But in this hour, this enemy has its head up in a level of arrogance that I will no longer tolerate.


Behold, My Enemy has said, ‘I shall be sovereign over all the earth, and no one can thwart me. In my hand is the power of life and death. I declare what is my truth and no one can refute it. My servants, who do my bidding, are untouchable by the righteous. Their places are secure in me and in my power, for I have accepted their sacrifices of allegiance. The blood that has been poured out, to give dominion to my own, cannot be challenged, for in this hour the world is mine. It has fallen into my hands by the choice of human will.’

But behold, I say to you, Beloved, this is not so! For My power and authority remain and will not be thwarted nor supplanted by the boasting or claims of the Evil One. I have not surrendered My human creation nor the physical world. Only, My ire increases with every act and word of his arrogant decrees. In this hour I am calling forth My armies upon the earth and in the heavens. My righteous children are hearing My call and they are uniting even now.  A great sorting has come upon the earth, and it has begun within My own house. WHO will stand with MY WORD? Who will recognize the sound of My voice over the sound of the Enemy and of the flesh?  I have called forth My army to arise and to engage against this great wickedness that continually seeks to pervert My way, will, and word.  I will prove, WHO IS SOVEREIGN! I will demonstrate WHOSE WORD IS THE LAW! I will certify, who is My own … My elect … My righteous ones.

A great mountain stands before you, yet it is not just a mountain of pestilence formulated in the minds of hell’s servants. It is a well-organized system with many tendrils and arms. Its members are well coordinated and covenanted through the spilled and ingested blood of the innocent. The torment and the terror, suffered by My littles ones, brought about by those in blood covenant with the Great Deceiver, is about to be exposed. The price of this horror shall be demanded from those, who have committed this great wickedness. Those, who have profited by the spilling of innocent blood will pay the price that I demand of them. Those, who have enabled the shedding of innocent blood, by turning away their eyes and hiding behind social permissions will soon see the horrors of their error. I have heard the supplications of the righteous, even as I have heard the cries of the terrorized, tortured, and slain. Their blood has been exposed to Me, and I will not ignore it. I have waited to bring forth the weight of My judgments; allowing time for the balance scale to come down heavier on the side of sufficient repentance. In these last weeks, I have seen the scale moving in a righteous direction, but not quite enough yet. Therefore, I have called forth the sounding of My voice across this nation, and across this world, to add the necessary weight to bring forth My hand of judgment against the organized powers of wickedness.  If My voice is heard and heeded, I shall arise and act for My name’s sake, and for the sake of the righteous.

This mountain that stands before you can crumble as surely as the walls of Yericho once fell with a blast and a unified shout of My children in obedience.  For the wicked to be turned toward righteousness there must be a great downfall of this mountain … even a great humiliation of the Evil One and of his wicked operatives. For the unconvinced and uncommitted to choose Me and My truth, there must be a bold demonstration of My power upon the earth.  If you call it forth now, I will bring it. If you send forth the sound of war into the spiritual realm, followed with a shout of victory arising from the authority of My realm, I will manifest My armies upon the earth.

Are you ready for the temporary upheaval that this will bring?  Will you recognize the sorting and hold your footing of faith, as My armies make war? Will you stand forth to speak without fear and without compromise? Will you declare My reality, My law, and My love of redemption to those, who will be terrified and adrift in the turmoil? What would it benefit, if I tilled a fresh field, and you were too busy or preoccupied to plant it? What would benefit, if I gave you good, pure, seed, and you mingled it with adulterated seed upon the field?  What would benefit, if I brought forth a ripe and abundant harvest, but you chose to let it wait until you felt it was convenient or proper for you to gather it in?  Before I bring this mountain down before you, you must answer those questions. If I do My part, and you neglect to do yours, your state will be worse than before I acted.

Humble your hearts before Me. Count the cost. Set your faces as flint in advance of the victory, and move according to My instructions. I want to extend mercy and relief. I want your enemies to be scattered and crushed. If we are in agreement, then arise and undertake for the sake of My Kingdom and for the sake of your world. Arise to the battle for the sake of the little ones, who cannot fight for themselves.  Glorify My name through your victory, but do not glorify your own name, lest you fall into the temptation of pride that will open yet another door to destruction. Allow Me to clear the air of the threats against you. My servants will make a way for you, so that your prayers and decrees can break through the barriers … so that they will be able to strip away the satanic protection that has been laid over the ones, who plot and enact evil upon the earth. Shout with one voice!  Worship Me with one heart.  Serve Me with one purpose. A fire has been kindled, and is ready to be sent down to the earth from My Holy furnace. Call it forth and stand in complete faith in the middle of the burn. You shall come forth without harm. You shall emerge without the scent of smoke upon you. When you look for those, who have brought evil upon you, they will not be found. Arise and shout out the call for spiritual war. Blow the shofars and call forth the battle. I will bring the victory. Now is the hour to act.”

Now, for sharing the strategy that was entrusted to my husband and I a few days ago. After some time in prayer the Lord impressed upon us that we are in a time of spiritual war, and that in a time of war the shofar must be sounded.  When seeking the timing of this blowing of the shofar, the Lord indicated that it must be just before and as Passover begins. As a Jewess, I have never heard of blowing a shofar on, or around, that holy day. Within hours, confirmation came that in a time of war a shofar can be blown during Passover. So, with Passover beginning on Wednesday evening this week, we were given the timing as being this Wednesday … just barely prior to the beginning of Passover. We were told to blow shofars at 12:00 noon, US eastern time … just as Passover is beginning in Jerusalem, Israel (Passover in Jerusalem begins at 12:03 PM US eastern time … 7:03 PM Jerusalem time).  The Lord then showed us that my husband should stand on the rooftop of the hospital where he works, and blow from that high place, while I and others, who also have shofars, gather in the hospital parking lot below. As my husband blows the sound from above, we all will blow from the ground.

I thought that this was the whole of the strategy, but it was not. After the blowing of the shofars, the Lord has asked us to raise a shout, like the children of Israel did at the walls of Jericho to bring them down. In doing so, we will be calling down this mountain of evil that has risen up against the authority of YHVH, and against His people. This morning after the downloading I received from the Holy Spirit, the strategy began to be seen in its fullness. Not only are we to do this, but people all across this country, and even across the world are to join in sounding the shofar wherever they are … at the time that matches 7:00 PM this Wednesday in Jerusalem.  For those, who do not have shofars, they can go to sites on the internet that have the blowing of the shofar recorded (I will give you one below). At that time … whether they are in the home, at work, or wherever … they can go to the site, hit play, and hold up the phone to send forth the sound. The Lord has said He will link every shofar blast in every location sounding it, and send His Passover fire to the spot where it is being blown or broadcast. From there, it will spread.  People can gather (if allowable … and if 6 feet of social distance is maintained) for this event outside hospitals in their area … in areas near seats of government, media, justice, commerce, faith, etc.  Wherever evil has held power and expressed authority, we can take a stand.  For those, who are unfamiliar with prophetic acts, this may sound like total nonsense. However, I can assure you, if this is done in obedience and in faith, the Lord will act. We cannot know fully what the fruit will be, how it will manifest, or exactly when we will see it upon the earth.  However, after receiving the rhema word that the Lord gave me this morning, I am completely confident that this is not a random, inconsequential thing. There will be a change in the spiritual climate. He is asking us to participate in His Kingdom strategies. We are blessed!!

So, I ask you to take this to prayer. If you receive agreement in the Spirit, ask the Lord how He would have you participate. Let others of faith, know about this, and possibly join with you. If you cannot personally participate, at noon this Wednesday eastern time, pray in support of what the Lord is accomplishing. After three minutes, send forth a shout of glory, praise, and power to His name, and then leave the rest to Him.

For those of you, who do not have a shofar, feel free to go to this site and project it from your phone.

Let’s get the word out quickly, mobilize, act, and look expectantly for His response.

In Him,


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