Information about Vitamin C that you have not Heard About

This post is to give correct information about Vitamin C which most people would have never heard. Vitamin C is one of the safest medical wonders on the planet. Cumulative vitamin C information has been published in medical literature since the 1940’s. Despite the evidence of the molecule as life-promoting, therapeutic, and very safe even in high doses, vitamin C as therapy in high doses has been admonished by many medical entities. The dogma that only 75-90 mg of ascorbate per day is required by any human, is totally incorrect.

The reason is because it will help heal many of the diseases and illnesses that we have and will make it NOT necessary to take pharmaceutical drugs.

Conventional medical doctors are not taught about the mechanisms of action and benefits of vitamin C in medical school. If they knew about it, then not only would a raft of other drugs become unnecessary, but there would not be much serious whooping cough.

You cannot overdose on Vitamin C. A human can take 227g (227,000mg) of vitamin without problems in a day.

Dr Suzanne Humphries has spent many hours reading literature and actually using vitamin C to treat patients that go to her surgery. She travels the world giving seminars on Vitamin C and its benefits to Doctors, Microbiologists and any Medical scientist which would like to know the benefits and address any questions or concerns.

The following presentation was  by Dr Humphries in 2014 to many specialist doctors and scientists in Stockholm Sweden. It is well worth listening if you have the time. Dr Humphries covers all of the areas that everyone will have questions about. Below you will also find some of the presentation slides that she uses to give you a flavour of what she covers. The information in many cases is self explanatory.

Vitamin C Detailed Presentation at ABF Stockholm Sweden – By Dr Suzanne Humphries



It is important to use high enough doses and the right formulation of ascorbate to achieve best results.

Below is a link to many Historical Studies of Vitamin for various Diseases and Illness. The introduction states the following:-

  • All articles are provided unabridged (except for formatting, minor corrections and, rarely, omitted graphics), with English translations when available, to inform the reader about Patient Studies and Clinical Results. Some articles deal with aspects of molecular biology and evolutionary/genetic theory, hypotheses and relevant animal studies or in vitro (test tube) research.
  • Reviews, literature surveys and editorially-oriented articles are included as well.
  • Relative completeness in coverage of the literature may take some time (like, forever); check back now and then.
  • AscorbateWeb Editorials are occasionally provided to stimulate thought and generally to toss gibes and darts; therefore be warned that presentation of unbiased opinion and opposing viewpoints is not guaranteed.
  • There is a plain Chronological Listing with direct links to full text.

An historical compendium of 20th-Century medical & scientific literature attesting to the efficacy of Ascorbate (Ascorbic Acid, Cevitamic Acid, Sodium Ascorbate etc. a.k.a. “Vitamin C”) in the treatment and prevention of human and animal illnesses and diseases.

One cigarette requires 25mg of Vitamin C to undo the oxidative stress that it causes to our body. Just think about that.

Vitamin C good for the bladder and all the urinary tract so any extra vitamin C that your body that cannot be absorbed at each dose is not wasted.

If you do intravenous Vitamin C then a 100% is bio-available and that is why it is used for severe disease and other major body problems. It has already been used in China for Covid-19 successfully.

Vitamin C can help deal with Cancer if intravenous injections are used. Cancer cells do not have any defence against vitamin C.

It is recommended if you are going to be a in stressful situations like plane travel or long journeys due to work in car then 10-20g will be really good for you. You will not feel so tired and jet lag will be reduced if not eradicated. Emotional, phycological and physical stress is also helped by C as oxidation stress takes place.

If you take 1200 mg your body can normally use 575 mg which is good as taking lower doses does not give you enough.

450 deaths per year from paracetamol overdose in the USA alone.

Vitamin C

If you have any questions then please let me know via a comment and I will come back to you.

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