Resurrection a Reason to Believe!

You may have heard about the resurrection of Jesus and simply dismissed it as some ancient fairytale, or fabricated legendary embelishment, something that can’t be substantiated or trusted by any means.

You may think that the Bible is simply corrupted and in no way reflects the truth of what happened in history, but did you know it is essentially the first source that historians go to to verify people, events and places? It has welcomed scrutiny and criticism with open arms to come out the other side solid and trustworthy, and has stood the test of time.

I want to give you 5 quick facts (among many) that are historically supported among the some of the worlds best historians that support the event of Jesus resurrection.

1. If Jesus didn’t rise again, Christianity would’ve stopped right there and then at His death. What should’ve been the movement ending moment of Christianity ended up being the catalyst that propelled it throughout the ancient world.

2. The disciples died for what they thought to be the message of the risen Christ. Liars make very bad martyrs, people die all the time for what they believe in, but never for what they consciously know to be a lie.

3. The first witnesses of the empty tomb were women! Wait what? Why would Jesus appear first to a group of women, whose testimony was worth half that of a man in that cultural context? If this story was made up, what an embarrassing factor to include, unless maybe that is exactly what was reported, and this actually reflects the heart Jesus had for His women followers, for them to be the first witnesses of the greatest event in history.

4. The empty tomb itself. The Roman guards remembered that Jesus mentioned that He would rise again, therefore Pilate instructed them to amp up security measures just incase. This means the disciples could not have taken the body, and all that the opposers to Jesus had to do to stop this explosion of excitement that threatened their worldview, was simply display His body to the masses. Why didn’t they? Why couldn’t they?

5. There were 500 eyewitnesses of the risen Jesus at the same time. The fact that He rose bodily rather than spiritually makes the event falsifiable, almost as if God leaves the matter completely open to be blown apart, only it can’t be. There is a fairly good chance that if over 500 people had seen a certain person after he died, then he probably isn’t dead. “But they were hallucinating!!?” Really? Hallucinations happen to individuals, but not groups, especially not this large.

My friends, this is 5 among many other verifiable factors that support the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. I want you to consider this one question…. Maybe its time I stop asking “If Jesus died?” and start asking “Why Jesus died?”

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