Israel and the Church in the End Times

Israel and the Church in the End Times is a 4 part series given by David Pawson at IHOP in 2011.

Below are the 4 videos for the series Israel, The Church and the End Times. David Pawson who passed on into glory in 2020 covers End Of Days (End Times, Rapture, Eschatology) and how the church, world and Israel should interact and their parts they play.

In all my years of study this is the best overview and some details that you will ever hear.

He is so balanced, humble but firm when needed.

Did you know that of the four most influential men in in the history of the 20th Century 3 were Jews? That the rains started again in Israel in 1948 when the state of Israel came into being.

Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud. Charles Darwin is the fourth but he was a gentile.

David says whoever curses the Jews will be cursed as that is part of the Abrahamic covenant. Whoever blesses the Jews will be blessed. It is like sowing and reaping. It is a law that works whether you believe it or not. Countries and people have come and gone. Israel and the Jews stand and grow in strength and stature.

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