Short Summary of Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Daughters Of Men and produce Hybrid Nephilim Giants

This is a summary of 3 detailed posts has been made on “Did Angels Have Sex with Women based on Genesis 6? by Tim Warner” and they can be viewed via these links:-

Part 1 Did Angels Have Sex with Women based on Genesis 6? – Introduction

Part 2 Did Angels Have Sex with Women based on Genesis 6? – Nephilim Giants

Part 3 Did Angels Have Sex with Women based on Genesis 6? – Source of Fallen Angels Myth

The important points are:-

  1. Angels are Not “Sons of God” The only verses in the Bible that call angels “sons of God” are three verses in Job. This is translated from the modern Hebrew text, the oldest copies of which are from around 1000AD. The much earlier Greek Septuagint does not refer to angels as “sons of God” in Job or anywhere else.
  2. The problem with the fornicating angels theory is that the nephilim (giants) were already on the earth before the “sons of God” took foreign wives.
  3. It is quite plain that the Jewish translators of the Septuagint did not believe the angels fornicating with women when they made this translation of the Hebrew text into Greek around 300BC. That idea is entirely forbidden by the Septuagint for the following reasons:  
    • The “sons of God” are called “these men”
    • They are called “flesh”
    • The giants (tyrants) were already on the earth before this occurred
    • Nimrod was one of them, even though his entire ancestry was human
  4. “Nephilim” is not a proper name, just as “giant” is not a proper name. Nor is it the name of a tribe of people with a common ancestry. It is a descriptive term for their tyrannical and violent behaviour.
  5. God did not destroy the earth with a flood to drown all the angel-human hybrids. Nor would drowning mankind in any way punish angels. God destroyed the earth because it was filled with tyrants and because His covenant people had become bullies just like the wicked. Noah and his family were the only ones left who cherished their covenant with God.
  6. Jude’s stated that the sin of the angels was not sexual at all. It was rebellion against their appointed rank and dominion. In no way did Jude endorse the myth that angels took human wives and produced angel-human hybrid children.
  7. Angels are not equipped to procreate. Reproduction was designed by God. The first man was called “Adam,” which means “earthling,” because he was made from the dust of the ground. When God formed all of His physical creatures, He limited their reproduction compatibility to the same “kind.” Every creature of God only reproduces after its kind. Breeding is not possible with a different kind. Dogs and cats cannot breed. Humans and animals cannot cross breed. The reason is the DNA is not compatible.
  8. The Source of the “Fallen Angels” Myth is the the Book of Enoch. The myth of fallen angels procreating with women is ancient. The first known mention among the Jews comes from the Book of Enoch, written around 250BC. It is an apocalyptic piece, typical of certain groups like the Essenes. The writer of this book falsely claimed to be Enoch, written after God took him.
  9. The evidence strongly favours the idea that the “sons of God” in Genesis six were the descendants of Seth through Enosh – the first covenant people of JEHOVAH.  
    • This view is best supported by the context and purpose of Genesis.
    • The Israelites to whom it was written did not have Job as sacred Scripture, and thus could not have interpreted “sons of God” as angels based on Job.
    • The “sons of God” had valid marriages after the manner which God instituted in Genesis 2. The nephilim were the children of marriage, not rape or fornication.  
    • The LXX translators believed the “sons of God” were men, since they consistently distinguished between “angels” and “sons of God.” They referred to the “sons of God” in Genesis 6:2 as “these men” and “flesh” in the next verse.
  10. The “giants” already existed on earth before the sons of God took the daughters of men as wives, as both the Hebrew and LXX indicate.
  11. No Scripture in the Old or New Testaments speaks of angels fornicating. When Jesus spoke of the human activity just before the flood, as “marrying and giving in marriage,” He was referring to the “sons of God” and “daughters of men” in Genesis 6. It is clear that Jesus was not speaking of fornicating angels, but men.
  12. Paul’s argument in Hebrews drawing a clear dichotomy between angels (who have no inheritance) and the “sons of God” who have the inheritance, proves that angels cannot be “sons of God.”

The Book of Enoch is apparently the earliest source for the fornicating angels fable, written around 250BC. That many of the early Christians viewed this book highly is without question, because in many ways it was similar to the Christian view of the Messiah, contrary to the Jewish view. Its flat earth cosmology was something that did not immediately discredit it in the eyes of the early Christians who knew little of science and astronomy. In any case, there is no reason to suppose that the fornicating angels fable is in any way apostolic. Those who taught it did not do so from either exegesis of Genesis six, or from apostolic tradition, but from adopting “Jewish fables.” In the same way that Platonic and Gnostic concepts entered Christianity, so also did Jewish fables.

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