Calculation of the size of the area with blood in Revelation 14:20

By Tim Warner

Revelation 14:20 And the vat was trampled outside the city. And blood came out of the vat up to the horses’ bridles for one thousand six hundred measures (stadia or furlongs).

Blood up to the horses bridles for 1,600 “stadion”

1. Two Greek nouns often confused and mistranslated (Greek nouns cannot change or interchange gender)

stadios” (masculine) – refers to the measure of the Greek/Roman race-cource, which was about 603 feet. It is often translated “furlong” and is used in Luke and John (both written to Gentile audiences) for measuring long distances (such as the distance from the Jerusalem gates to Bethany on the Mt of Olives cf. John 11:18.

stadion” (neuter) simply means a unit of “measure,” leaving the specific unit to be defined by context.

These two nouns are confused in translation because they are spelled the same when in the genitive plural form – σταδίων (stay-de-own)

2. If this was “stadios” in Revelation 14:20, then the blood would be up to the horses bridles for nearly 200 miles. This far exceeds the limits of the location where the battle is said to take place (the Valley of Jehoshaphat – the Kidron Valley.

3. The typography descends down to the Dead Sea only about 12 miles away. Five-foot-deep blood would flow downhill and empty into the Dead Sea in about 12 miles, showing that this distance cannot be correct.

4. “Stadion” (neuter) is a “measure” and is deduced from its other occurrence in Revelation 21:16, where a “stadion” (measure) is the length of the measuring “rod” the angel used to measure the New Jerusalem.

5. Ezekiel provided the circumference of the New Jerusalem.

The angel used a rod of six “long cubits,” which is defined as a regular cubit (distance from the elbow to the fingertip – about 18 inches) plus a “span” (the width of a man’s hand with fingers extended, from thumb to pinky – about 8 inches), totalling 24 inches. Thus, six “long cubits”equals 12 feet (Ezekiel 40:5). Using this 12’ measuring rod, Ezekiel reported that the circumference of the restored Jerusalem was 4,500 “rods,” a total of 216,000 feet in circumference (Ezekiel 48:30-35).

Since we now know the exact circumference of the New Jerusalem from Ezekiel, John’s measurement must agree.

The measuring rod used by the messenger that John was observing had to be 18’ in length, since 12,000 rods (Revelation 21:16) divided into 216,000 feet (from Ezekiel) equals 18 feet. Both Ezekiel’s 12’ measuring rod and John’s 18’ measuring rod could easily be handled by one man for measuring.

Since a “measure” (stadion) in Revelation is shown to be 18’ in length, the 5 foot deep blood will flow downhill for about 5.5 miles to the south of the Valley of Jehoshaphat (Kidron Valley), since 1,600 “measures” of 18’ in length = 28,800 feet, divided by 5,280 feet per mile = 5.5 miles or 8.8 km.


Based on using Ezekiel and Revelation 21:16 is can be calculated that the the blood up to the bridle of a horse in Revelation 14:20 which stretches for 1600 measures equals 5.5 miles or 8.8 km

So we have blood that is 5 feet deep (1.5 m) that stretches for 5.5 miles. We dont know how wide, but it will have to be a reasonable width to maintain the height of 5 feet.

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