In the Beginning…The Devil’s Lie

The belief that when a person dies they are not totally dead started in the Garden of Eden when the Devil lied to Adam and Eve. God told Adam that if he ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he would die (Genesis 2:17), but the Devil said that he would not die (Genesis 3:4). Who was correct, God or the Devil? According to traditional Christianity, God was wrong and the Devil was right! If there is an “immortal soul,” like so many churches teach, then people do not ever die. Their body dies, but “they” go on living in an immaterial state in heaven or hell.

Just think about this! This was Satan’s First Lie in Genesis 3:4! He did not lie about Adam and Eve knowing good and evil.

Today many people believe that when a person “dies,” only the body dies but the person’s soul or spirit lives on. If we take the time to study the idea that people live on after they die, we can see why the Devil and demons promote that people go on living after their body dies. One reason is that it waters down the value of being alive. If we are actually alive but just in another form after we “die,” then dying is not that bad after all. But death is that bad! There is nothing more precious than life, and the Devil knows that and wants us to treat this life lightly and give it up cheaply. The Bible says death is an enemy (1 Corinthians 15:26). It is hard to see how death could be an enemy if it sent us to a better place and allowed us to be with Jesus and those who have gone before us.

Another reason the Devil promotes that people are actually alive as a soul or spirit after they die is that if people are alive, they can speak to us. The Devil and his demons do a very good job of impersonating dead people in séances and various types of appearances, and they use those appearances and similar strategies to feed untrue and even harmful information to people. There are a lot of people who knowingly or unknowingly disobey God’s command in Deuteronomy 18:11 and try to contact the dead even though it is specifically stated to be an abomination to God. Since dead people are dead, it is only demons impersonating the dead that ever answer those who are seeking advice from dead friends or relatives. The truth is that even if the dead were alive, they would never disobey God and contact the living.

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