Another Prophet Like Moses Would Come & Israel’s Division

Copyright © Tim Warner Dispensationalists mistakenly think that God's program for Israel was suspended on the Day of Pentecost, and "the Church" was begun. Many non-dispensationalists think God's program for Israel was cancelled completely, by Israel's rejection of Jesus as Messiah. Both are wrong. When Jesus came, a prophesied change occurred within the nation … Continue reading Another Prophet Like Moses Would Come & Israel’s Division

Moses & the Millennial Week

November 21, 2021 Tim Warner 4windsfellowships The previous posts demonstrated the pervasiveness of the Millennial Week chronology among the early Christian writers close to the Apostles. The primary passage cited by these writers was Psalm 90:4, “a thousand years in Your sight are as the day,”[1] cited by Peter in 2 Peter 3:8, “with the … Continue reading Moses & the Millennial Week

Information about Genesis

Introduction to Genesis In a very real sense, the book of Genesis is the most important book in the world, for it is the foundation upon which all the other sixty-five books of God’s written Word have been based. When Jesus Christ, after His resurrection, gave a key Bible study to His disciples on the … Continue reading Information about Genesis