The Term Man in the NT

I was studying my bible this morning and looked up what man meant in the Vines because of Son of Man description of Jesus. As you can see below in Greek the term man is generally used to denote a human being either male or female. I know a number of women feel left out because the term man is used in English so much. However in bible times they would would not have the same reaction as anthropos was different to being a man specifically. The term men is plural of man and is anthropinos. So I think if we can start to be more discerning about what Jesus and God were actually saying and not put our western mindset and interpretation of the scriptures, we would grow and be more in tune with the Spirit and our minds would be renewed. 

1. anthropos (G444) is used (a) generally, of “a human being, male or female,” without reference to sex or nationality, e.g., Mat_4:4; Mat_12:35; Joh_2:25; (b) in distinction from God, e.g., Mat_19:6; Joh_10:33; Gal_1:11; Col_3:23; (c) in distinction from animals, etc., e.g., Luk_5:10; (d) sometimes, in the plural, of “men and women,” people, e.g., Mat_5:13, Mat_5:16; in Mar_11:2 and 1Ti_6:16, lit., “no one of men”; (e) in some instances with a suggestion of human frailty and imperfection e.g., 1Co_2:5; Act_14:15 (2nd part); (f) in the phrase translated “after man,” “after the manner of men,” “as a man” (KJV), lit. “according to (kata) man,” is used only by the apostle Paul, of “(1) the practices of fallen humanity 1Co_3:3; (2) anything of human origin, Gal_1:11; (3) the laws that govern the administration of justice among men, Rom_3:5; (4) the standard generally accepted among men, Gal_3:15; (5) an illustration not drawn from Scripture, 1Co_9:8;

Just For information I use E-Sword which makes looking up things so easy and quick. I am sure other software can be used as well.

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