The Global Predators

FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE OVER THE ENTIRE HUMAN POPULATION By I. de Melo-Martín and K. IntemannDivision of Medical EthicsDepartment of Public HealthWeill Cornell Medical College, New York, USA If Catherine Austin Fitts is right, and I believe she is, then we know the banking system gave up on the USA in the 1990s when they couldn’t … Continue reading The Global Predators

Will you take Red Pill? Part 2

In Part 1 we covered a world in which you can’t trust what you hear or see anymore. It seems without hope nor a future that is positive and that you can be excited about. However there is another system or what we call a spiritual kingdom. I want to share my personal story of … Continue reading Will you take Red Pill? Part 2

Will you Take the RED PILL? – Part 1

Auspiciously in 1999, in the movie The Matrix the lead character Leo has a decision to make concerning to either take the RED or Blue pill. Following is the dialogue between Morpheus and Leo in scene concerning the red and blue pill:- Something's wrong with the world. Do you know what l'm talking about? The … Continue reading Will you Take the RED PILL? – Part 1

Technology and its Impact on the World

Children Our ‘technology natives' they have been called. Indeed, but the scary side to this is that many of the current generation of Christian youth can't imagine life without car, televisions, computers and cell phones. Or perhaps more to the point, they can't imagine being happy if all these things were taken away. How can … Continue reading Technology and its Impact on the World