Will you Take the RED PILL? – Part 1

Auspiciously in 1999, in the movie The Matrix the lead character Leo has a decision to make concerning to either take the RED or Blue pill. Following is the dialogue between Morpheus and Leo in scene concerning the red and blue pill:- Something's wrong with the world. Do you know what l'm talking about? The … Continue reading Will you Take the RED PILL? – Part 1

Legalizing Child Euthanasia

American College of Paediatricians Blasts Belgium for Legalizing Child Euthanasia by Dave Andrusko | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 2/20/14 5:17 PM While the Belgian media seems genuinely perplexed why much of the rest of the world is shocked by its new policy making children eligible for euthanasia, until today I had not read a response from … Continue reading Legalizing Child Euthanasia