God is Clear on Contraception – None

Note From RTB: I have posted a couple of articles on this subject all from a different viewpoint but all of them use human logic and the current societies norms to justify their conclusions, which is that contraception is OK in certain circumstances and IVF is OK. These conclusions are not biblical as God is very … Continue reading God is Clear on Contraception – None

Should Christians use Birth Control?

 Today I was going to post about a raw carrot cake recipe, and nothing went right. And then somehow I ended up writing about our birth control story today.  I know that birth control, contraception, and artificial reproductive technologies can be big dividing issues for many Christians today. But I really believe they are issues we … Continue reading Should Christians use Birth Control?

When Nations Die – No Godly Foundation

Introduction I would like to return to this important theme by summarizing the significant work by Jim Nelson Black in his book When Nations Die. When we look at three thousand years of history, we observe that civilizations rise but eventually fall and die. The history of the world is the history of nations that are … Continue reading When Nations Die – No Godly Foundation