Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Christian?

In several nations, it is illegal to become a Christian. But people become Christians anyway — despite penalties and even threats of death. Thousands of believers are killed each year, yet more people become Christians.

My Personal Journey to a Truth about Makeup

I had often watched my mother apply make-up as a child and have very fond memories of using her old make-up. I have worn makeup since the age of 14, in fact I was encouraged to by my mother. She proudly gave me my first make up by ”Rimmel” it contained foundation mascara blusher and … Continue reading My Personal Journey to a Truth about Makeup

Who Is a Christian?

You are NOT a Christian :- 1. If you are born into a Christian family or in a Christian Country. 2. If you read your Bible. 3. If you do goods works in Jesus or Gods name. 4. If you go to Church does not make you a Christian. 5. If you call yourself a Christian does … Continue reading Who Is a Christian?