Is the Trinity in Genesis?

by Kermit Zarley aka Servetus the Evangelical Most Christians believe in the church doctrine of the Trinity, that God is one essence consisting of three co-equal and co-eternal Persons: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. Many cite three passages in the book of Genesis as their primary Old Testament (OT) support … Continue reading Is the Trinity in Genesis?

There is only One God in the Old Testament

In this post we will learn a truth about God, one that the Bible declares in very clear and simple terms. There is only one true God and one person who is God. All Christians agree that there is only one true God. But all Christians do not agree on whom precisely that one God … Continue reading There is only One God in the Old Testament

One God Elohim

by Sean Finnegan Yahweh is referred to as Elohim in the first sentence of the first page of the first book of the Bible. "In the beginning God [Elohim] created the heavens of the earth" (Genesis 1:1). IN fact, Yahweh is the Elohim of elohim – the God of gods (Deuteronomy 10:17; Joshua 22:22; Psalms … Continue reading One God Elohim

Email sent to Trinitarian Friends

The below Email is what I sent to my Trinitarian friends. It covers the basics of why the Trinity doctrine cannot be found in the bible and that it was created over around 400 years of haggling by the church leadership. I hope this email will help anyone see the reasons why trinity Christians are … Continue reading Email sent to Trinitarian Friends

A detailed look at what does Elohim really mean in Genesis 1?

There has been much said about Genesis 1:1 and the word Elohim[1]. Firstly Moses wrote this down as an accurate account down in the Hebrew which was his native language what God had told him about the creation story. As a side note, even Moses himself was referred to Elohim (God) in Exodus 4:16 Please … Continue reading A detailed look at what does Elohim really mean in Genesis 1?

What is the difference between LORD, GOD, Lord and God?

There are multiple names and titles used for God in the Bible, and sometimes it can be confusing to understand. One confusion arises from varied capitalization of the terms "Lord" and "God," primarily in the Old Testament. In large part, this is a result of English translators attempting to convey the Hebrew term used for … Continue reading What is the difference between LORD, GOD, Lord and God?

Explanation of The Names Of God

The concept of Name. Especially in Hebrew thought but also in nearly all cultures there was the conception that the appellation by which someone was known in some way communicated something of his character. Hence especially in the Hebrew mentality the concept of name was very important.. The Personal Character of a Name In addition … Continue reading Explanation of The Names Of God