God the Son or The Son of God?

Greg Deuble: http://www.thebiblejesus.com No doubt many will be surprised, even shocked perhaps, that the heading of this article could even hint that the titles “God the Son” and “The Son of God” are not one and the same. For them it is not one or the other. Both designations are equivalent and therefore equally true. … Continue reading God the Son or The Son of God?

Should Jesus be Worshiped?

Should Jesus be worshiped? Should he become the focal point of our spiritual life above that of God the Father? On the other hand, should he be viewed as deserving the same reverence and awe we are to give the Father? Would it be right to revere Jesus to a lesser degree than our true … Continue reading Should Jesus be Worshiped?

Is God made up of 3 Persons?

Introduction There has been much debate and argument about the doctrine of the trinity. Is it biblical? Please read to the end if you are a Trinitarian. Even if you disagree, you will learn something. It can be helpful to understand what non Trinitarians believe and why. We are not heretics. We love Jesus just … Continue reading Is God made up of 3 Persons?

Who is the Only One TRUE God? – YHWH and Father God

"You, the Only True God." (John 17:3). Who is the one true God? How does this God portray Himself with respect to His identity? Does He portray Himself as a one person individual? How is he portrayed by others who are inspired by the Holy Spirit of God? Is this God a three person God … Continue reading Who is the Only One TRUE God? – YHWH and Father God

Jesus and a Jewish Scribe – One God the Father

Jesus prayed to his Father and identifies his Father as the only true God: Father.... this is eternal life, that they may know You, the Only True God and Jesus Christ whom You sent. The Only True God, Jesus' Father, sent Jesus. In Mark chapter 12, there is an interesting exchange between the Jew Jesus … Continue reading Jesus and a Jewish Scribe – One God the Father

The Demiurge – Gnosticism Part 5

As stated in the previous article, Gnosticism taught three kinds of existence brought forth by Achamoth: Material – formed from passion and evil;Animal – formed from her conversion;Spiritual – brought forth by Achamoth herself. Achamoth’s next task was to give form to these.  And as it turns out, she was unable to do this with … Continue reading The Demiurge – Gnosticism Part 5

Baptism and the Great Commission

Baptism in Jesus' Name Many suppose that being baptized in Jesus' name means that the baptizer must pronounce the name of Jesus over the one being baptized. But that is not the usual meaning of the phrase "in the name of" in Scripture. To do something "in the name of" another usually means in the … Continue reading Baptism and the Great Commission